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Conversational AI

Our chatbots can be trained using a teachable User Interface. Here a domain expert like an HR manager can train the bot with our tools rather than a Machine Learning engineer. We have built tools and platforms that enable conversational AI-based solutions accessible to any team.

Automated Intent Generation

We train Natural Language Processing (NLP) model to automatically generates intents (Questions) from a body of text and to answer them.  The body of text can be an HR manual, web site content, archived chat history, and other documents. An Example use case is Human Resources (HR) Bot that can learn to identify possible questions and answer them from a company’s HR policies manual. HR questions can be anything related to leaving policies, insurance, salary, tax, other benefits, etc. It will be extremely time-consuming to manual extract questions and answers to train a bot. So, such a NLP model that can automatically build and trains on 100s or more intents from a body of text is very valuable.

HR & Help-Desk bots

Our Conversational AI platform and tool can be used to build bots like HR bots, Help-Desk bots or Customer Service bots that can be configured to automatically generate intents, to train and validate against reams of data, to publish in a wide array of messenger frameworks, to seamlessly handle user authentication. These bots offer high classification accuracy, domain-specific knowledge, and human-like cognition to automate business processes like HR and Help-Desk.

A classic example would be the automation of response for repetitive questions around the employee leave policy, their compensation package, support and infra issues. etc. An HR Bot integrated as part of a mobile or web platform would help employees to get clarifications on a self-service model that ideally fits the Millennial generation.

Enterprise Communication Framework

An IT operations Manager is frustrated that their self-service tool for basis IT support like password reset, wifi-access issues and other support tickets are being under-utilized. Employees aren’t ready the company wiki and are used to emailing questions to their respective admins. High priority tasks are getting delayed and missed due to this flooding of their inbox from such tickets. He can’t justify the cost of hiring more admins to his manager. He is looking for a simple, flexible solutions that can be trained to answer such tickets. He is also looking for a solution that his team can re-train in an iterative manner to answer new questions from their call log and other metrics. Similar to this, finance, sales marketing team may have their own pain points and look forward to automation on a self servicing model

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