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The invoice contains much crucial information all the information is necessary. Some of the information is the Invoice number, Invoice date, GST number, PAN number, and many more.Extracting all this information from a different key-value pair detail makes more sense than a normal text. An automated way of extracting all this information as a key-value pairs helps the users to see the data in a better way

Solution Overview


Invoice is unstructured data with different templates, initially, they will be converted into text, wherein this text is properly formatted.


Custom data is prepared, For example, Invoice Number, Invoice date. The Data set is prepared to map these similar fields into the same bucket.


Built a NER model to extract entities present in the invoice.


WEB UI is developed where an invoice is dropped, It will return as key-value pair of specific information.



One step solution extract entities present in the invoice .


Reduced the time and manpower


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