AI/ML based Network Traffic Data Prediction model


OptiSol implemented a network utilization management model to determine the network traffic and telemetry data from network devices and manage services based on the network utilization. In this solution, the network traffic and telemetry data are collected and processed, which involves fetching information about services and recalculating data values (Calculating SMA and EMA, Training, Prediction), and then the data is loaded to the persistent data store.


OptiSol helped the client in solving the network traffic issue by developing an AI/ML model that determines the network utilization accurately. Through this solution, the client was able to determine high data transfer of the service (determine high traffic duration) and able to manage the services based on the data usage of each user. They were also able to predict the network data transfer of a service provided by the host. The prediction-based solution helped the client in providing a smooth service to their end customers without any network issues.

Architecture Diagram

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