NLP Enabled Resume Builder for Candidate Portal using Python

Business Impact

  • The most challenging part for candidates applying for jobs is providing a fitting resume that stands out from other competitors
  • According to the Interview Success Formula, on average, 118 people apply for any given job and among them, only twenty percent get an interview.
  • Adding a proper standard structure and format for a resume with the right choice of words increases the chances of getting on board in the first round of interview processes.
  • OptiSol teamed up with a consulting firm that provides recruitment-ready resume formatting solutions to build an AI-based resume checker that scores the resumes based on the key criteria required for that particular job description.
  • When the user uploads a resume, our text analytics-based solution analyzes the resume content against real-time recruiter preferences and commits an overall score to your resume.
  • The solution also includes insights for helping candidates choose the right type of job roles and detailed breakdowns of salary details.

Solution Overview


The entire approach, was advanced by automating the process from resume loading / building from scratch till dynamic template fitting.


A Recommendation Module was built-in to suggest texts/descriptions/skills to include in their resume based on their current Job title and skills.


Using the score, guide the user to add skills based on the JD.


The resume Analysis module was an add-on to the application to make an effective resume for the user. This provides the user a Score comparison card (JD Vs. Skills in the resume). The soft skill and hard skills mentioned in the Job Description and skills updated in the newly created Resume is compared. A score is calculated based on the skills mentioned in the resume


The user dashboard has a salary insights module with features like the career roadmap, Average salary across job roles/locations. Suggest Upskilling path/courses land their dream job!

Business Value


One stop solution to build an effective resume that is tailored to specific job description.


Guide the user to land on their dream job!


Seamless user experience with reduced manpower


Awards & recognition

Awarded Bronze Trophy at CII National competition on Digitization, Robotics & Automation (DRA) – Industry 4.0






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reputed Clients


5 yrs

in AI & ML

Awarded as Winner among 1000 contestants at TechSHack Hackathon

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