Tensorflow-Based Personality Trait Recognition Solution | ML Model

Business Impact


Customer sentiment analysis is crucial for business growth as it helps in determining customer experience and identifying customer needs.


Facial recognition and monitoring reviews of customers are common ways to determine customer attitudes about a product/service.


To get accurate results, OptiSol developed a text analytics model that collects tweets added by customers about products and performs sentiment analysis to classify customers’ emotions.


Every tweet contains an explicit and implicit emotion, and current AI models can vastly classify them into Positive, Negative, or Neutral based on the core sentiment.


But to further understand the Personality of a person deeply, our AI model works real-time providing more defined sentiments like Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Hate, Confused, etc.

Technology Stack

Solution Approach


The contents of the tweet are pre-processed, and irrelevant data are dropped.


The tweets along with their respective sentiment labels are split into Train and Test set are then passed into 3 models, namely Universal Sentence Encoder (USE), LSTM and doc2vec model.


The performance analysis is done on the models, and it is concluded that the USE model works the best among the available options.

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