Artificial Intelligence Enabled Regulatory Compliance | Python


The client specializes in growing and shipping Potted Foliage, Cactus, Indoor Blooming, Indoor Palms, and Outdoor Palms to customers across the US. They are bound by Regulations for plant inspections and restrictions that are specific to individual states. These regulations are published in different web portals and aren’t easy to keep track of. This tool is meant to automate the entire regulatory check process for the transportation of plants



Built a watcher and web scrapper to periodically watch and download any latest updates of plant stock restrictions document from any state at a specified URL


Built a clicks data renewal API, which uses web scrapping to check on new regulations published on site, download and refresh the database


Parsed documents and built structured dataset using NLP for each state consisting of defined Noxious weeds/ invasive species and Quarantines


Hosted APIs with the specified format in the provided AWS environment to enable the client’s e-commerce team to query regulatory data for any species in their inventory


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