Automate Data Pipeline To perform Incremental Load

Business Impact


Many industries have started moving away from traditional practices, adapting AI and digitalization to address availability, scalability, and performance issues.


According to Gartner reports, 69% of management tasks that are performed daily will be fully automated by 2022.


Built an automated data pipeline to perform incremental uploads on a weekly basis on both development and staging servers.


The exported normalized data will be utilized for performing competitor analysis.


The solution reduces operation cost, improves decision making, and enhance productivity.

Technology Stack

Solution Overview


Built a data pipeline to extract and upload the data to the SQL server by creating a package for each table data to perform incremental load in the SQL server.


Generated BCP queries using ID and date fields to extract the latest data from the multiple tables present in a different database.


Uploaded data is then normalized and loaded into the staging database.


Configured automated SQL jobs to export the normalized data as a pipe-delimited file and uploaded it to the Azure blob storage for Machine learning team analysis.

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