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Business Impact

  • According to research, The artificial intelligence market size to grow from USD 86.9 billion in 2022 to USD 407.0 billion by 2027, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 36.2% during the forecast period.
  • Chemical Industries are now adapting to AI&ML technologies to enhance productivity, and ensure employee safety.
  • In most of the chemical industries, AI&Ml is widely used for R&D. An AI&ML integrated enterprise application for the chemical industry radically transforms the way laboratories operate and innovate.
  • Our platform/solution involves Web and Mobile Applications, AI and ML solutions, and Data Visualisation built on the latest native cloud technology stack.
  • We build an enterprise application with AI&ML techniques to enable scientists to work more efficiently and create better products – faster.
  • Our solution’s major focus is on inventory management, formulation, task management, and collaboration by leveraging the web, mobile, and AI & ML solutions.
  • Implementation of our solution helped Germany’s leading chemical industry to digitally transform from its legacy systems. By doing so, they were able to increase productivity, reduce risks, create newer, better products, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Tech Stack

The Digital Driver


Enabling scientists to work more efficiently and create better products – faster.


To foster a data platform that accelerates the innovation of new products and materials.


Major focus on inventory management, formulation, task management, a collaboration by leveraging web, mobile, and AI & ML solutions.


Built to capture the end-to-end product development process to make better and faster decisions.

Business Value


Inventory Management

Whether you are in a single location or in a global organization, Albert allows you to harmonize your inventory. Integrated throughout the Albert platform, accurate/real-time tracking and raw material exploration have never been easier.


Centralize and standardize your design of the experiment. With AI & ML assisted formulation, make a better product… faster. User access controls and cloud-based security ensure your IP is safe and always accessible.

Task Management

Plan, test, track, and report – all product development work is organized within Albert ‘Tasks’. Task management can help individuals achieve project goals, or help groups collaborate and share knowledge.


Collaboration is a key piece of accelerating innovation. In Albert, we work to bring collaboration features into every page of the application to ensure you can always communicate with subject matter experts or any other users.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With all your data is in one place, Albert can turn your data into insights. Leverage visualizations, custom reports, and predictive models to accelerate your innovation.

EH&S Data

Streamline EH&S data and take the pain out of the regulatory processes. Albert facilitates tedious tasks such as SDS generation and label printing, managing hazard identification, and more.

SOP Management

SOPs are no longer static documents. Embedded across the Albert Platform, SOPs are used for every task and process – ensuring structured and consistent data is collected.

Project Management

Have project data at your fingertips. With Albert, you can analyse project-specific metrics to ensure your project is on track.

Trusted and Proven Engagement Model

  • A nondisclosure agreement (NDA) is signed to not disclose any sensitive information revealed over the course of doing business together.
  • Our NDA-driven process is established to keep clients’ data and IP safe and secure.
  • The solution discovery phase is all about knowing your target audience, writing down requirements, and creating a full scope for the project.
  • This helps clarify the goals, and limitations, and deliver quality products & services.
  • Our engagement model defines the project size, project development plan, duration, concept, POC etc.
  • Based on these scenarios, clients may agree to a particular engagement model (Fixed Bid, T&M, Dedicated Team).
  • The SOW document shall list details on project requirements, project management tools, tech stacks, deliverables, milestones, timelines, team size, hourly/monthly rate cards, billable hours and invoice details.
  • On signing the SOW, an official project kick-off meeting shall be initiated.
  • Our implementation approach, ecosystem, tools, solutions modelling, sprint plan, etc. shall be discussed during this meeting.

Awards & Recognition

Awarded Bronze Trophy at CII National competition on Digitization, Robotics & Automation (DRA) – Industry 4.0






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Awarded as Winner among 1000 contestants at TechSHack Hackathon

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