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Details about the waste generator, waste, waste handling instructions, transporter, TSDF, etc. are shared as part of the e-manifest with EPA so that hazardous waste can be tracked efficiently. This data from all generators, transporters, and TSDF is published every Monday as flat files on the RCRAInfo website by EPA. Since the data files are huge and have micro-level data, the Client’s Marketing team couldn’t use them for decision making.

Solution Overview


Downloaded e-Manifest files uploaded to EPA site at regular intervals using a scheduled job


Built a pipeline to extract the downloaded file and upload it into multiple tables. Uploaded data files are moved to an archive folder.


Designed cubes to store aggregate data based on multiple dimensions


Data uploaded to base tables are aggregated and populated into various cubes


Built PowerBI reports and trained marketing team in using it and creating new ones



The marketing team could analyze the volume of waste handled by its competitors, handling location, treatment type, and its capacity to aid in decision making


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