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Vision Analytics

Train algorithms to detect humans and their actions (gestures) for the context of many use cases

Industrial Safety

Automated solutions for enhancing workplace safety to reduce injuries. We provide solutions with the latest advances in Vision Intelligence for our interested partners and clients.

Fork-lift Safety

Predict and alert on safe distance for persons

Our team has built a Person detection system that can detect a person at more than 20 meters and can measure the distance of the person from the device with an accuracy of 1 foot. If the person is within a pre-defined distance from the embedded device that runs the person detector Vision Intelligence model, we trigger a buzzer to warn of an impending collision. This device is small and hand-held. It can be mounted on a fork-lift or other vehicles to prevent accidental human-machine collision due to blind spots or when the operator is distracted. We built this Vision Intelligence solution using the latest advances in training Neural Networks. We are doing user trails with our partners in India, Europe, and the US by installing this device on fork-lifts.

Helmet, Vest and Goggles Detection

Secure detection of Personal Protective Equipment

Vision Intelligence solutions use the latest innovation in Neural Networks that are trained with examples of pictures and videos of humans wearing safety gear just like a human brain. We have optimised these AI models with hardware acceleration running on an inexpensive embedded processor. This reduces the cost of ownership. Also, the video feed is not recorded or transmitted to any external hard drive for this device to work. This embedded computer will run the Vision Intelligence model in a stand-alone mode. The only external communication will be notification and reports to supervisors if configured to do so. This is designed with user privacy as an important design principle.

Data Labelling Service

Generate accurate and high-quality labels

Labeling training data acts as the first step in the machine learning development cycle under Computer Vision. Consider we need to train a machine learning model to identify a specified category of objects from the collection of data.

Healthcare Solutions

Manage large data volumes and reduce costs in overwhelmed health systems

We provide AI-assisted automated solutions to reduce medical errors and hospital-acquired infections. These systems monitor and enhance patient safety and assist patients seeking care after discharge. We build computer vision-based solutions that aid physicians in correctly diagnosing different conditions. This technology allows healthcare institutions to detect unsafe, prohibited, or distress actions and alert the respective personnel.

Reduce Medical Errors

Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections

Activity or Gesture Analysis

Cognitive AI

Activity Recognition

Trained neural networks to improve safety using human Activity Recognition

Measure Productivity and Prevent Injury

We have developed a cutting-edge Vision Intelligence model and solution that can track and classify activities performed by humans. This is trained with data of real-life activities like bending, lifting, pushing, pulling, etc. These activities can be tabulated to measure employee productivity, chances of repetitive stress injury, etc.

Sign Language Recognition

We have a demo of a Vision Intelligence application that we trained to recognise American Sign Language (ASL) gestures and this AI model can be expanded to incorporate more Sign Languages.

Facial Recognition

Automated Vision Intelligence to perform accurate facial recognition of people

We have incorporated facial recognition for identity verification inside business processes like KYC (Know Your Client) typically used in finance and personal banking. We can build facial verification inside a mobile app or web portal. This Vision Intelligence model will work with any features or processes inside the banking and finance app that requires authentication. This facial recognition-based identity verification is more secure and tamper-proof than password or security question methods that are typically employed in such apps now. The Vision Intelligence model can be used in other industry verticals like insurance, logistics, transportation, and e-government related use cases where identity management is mandatory.

Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Apply cutting edge Vision Intelligence to vehicle identification
Accurate detection and recognition of vehicle registration or licence plate is a well-known use case that is useful for security, surveillance, and law enforcement. We have built a very accurate number plate recognition system using Vision Intelligence. This neural networks-based AI model is optimised to run on small edge processors that can convert a normal CCTV camera, into a smart camera capable of recognising number plates and transmitting information to the companion app, web-portal, or database.
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