Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning? It is the art of training a software algorithm to learn from experience. Contrast this with traditional applications where the software follows the written logic. Those apps depend on the programmer. Machine learning apps depend on the data. As long as there is enough representative data in any format (text, videos, speech etc.,) these algorithms can be trained to do almost anything. We specialize in the the following domain of Machine Learning

Computer Vision

We train algorithms to learn to detect objects (humans mostly) and use that detection in the context of many use cases. For example, we trained an algorithm to determine if a worker is wearing safety gear mandated by his employers or regulators and automatically report any violations. We trained an algorithm to detect cell phone usage where it is prohibited for safety or privacy reasons. We also trained an algorithm to detect humans in the path of a vehicle like a fork-lift and trigger speed control system to reduce accidents. These are only some of the uses of Machine Learning in Computer Vision. Such algorithms can be trained for many such uses in the Safety, Surveillance and Compliance space.

Conversational AI

Chatbots are dime a dozen. They have become so common place that we elect to call our offering conversational AI. Since the chatbot is only the front-end interface to our powerful AI engine trained on reams of data to offer near human cognition in understanding the customer’s question and give a relevant response. We train our model using intents built from cutting edge Automatic Question Generation and Ranking models that domain specific, voluminous data is parsed and understood. This results in chatbots that are a cut-above the rest.

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