Tell me about your past projects

Some of our past and current projects include

  1. Detecting Personal Protective Equipment compliance in a shop floor for CCTV camera feed. Our models take the video feed and automatically and continuously detect if workers are wearing safety vests, harness, hard hats etc., and notify violations to Supervisors to prevent injuries and law suits
  2. Detecting cell phone usage where it is prohibited, also from CCTV camera feed
  3. Detecting humans in a vehicle path (a fork-lift or other vehicles from mounted cameras on the vehicles) and trigger speed control systems
  4. Building smart chatbots that can learn by consuming vast quantity of data from websites like investopedia etc., and answer any customer query in that domain
  5. Building smart automation solutions that can automate typical back-office processes saving time and reduce errors.

Do check out our youtube channel where we have posted some of these Machine Learning models in action