Data Analytics

How can I use my data to make better decisions? Data Analytics is the answer. The data we generate is so voluminous that we hardly look at it. Business Intelligence tools like Tableau is doing a good job of building reports on data that helps managers make better decisions. But the data used in Business Intelligence is just scratching the surface. What if the data that is important is not structured? what if it is just archives of emails and chats between employees and customers. What if the data is phone conversations archived as audio files? what if the data is reams of CCTV footage that is reviewed only after an event has occurred?  Analyzing such varied data to extract useful information and insights is what Data Analytics is all about. Such analysis could be both retrospective or predictive. More and more businesses are getting data savvy. We aid them in their quest.

Text Analytics

Text Analytics covers semantic analysis of text data like documents, email, web chat, social media, surveys, customer forums etc., Semantic analysis is the process of building a knowledge graph that can be easily searched for insights. Conversational AI like chat bots, Information Summarization and Retrieval systems are some of the common and very useful applications we build that offer great value to our customers.

Vision Analytics

Vision Analytics is analyzing images and video data. Object detection, face recognition, person detection, emotion analysis, pose or gesture analysis are some of the uses of Vision Analysis. Automated analysis and reporting of surveillance data for ensuring safety, security and compliance of regulations are important areas where we are building applications for our customers

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