Human Activity Recognition using Vision Intelligence

This is a demo of a computer vision algorithm that recognizes human activity and gestures. Neural Networks are special software algorithms that mimic human brain. Our team utilized the recent advances in training these Neural Networks to train our human activity recognition models. We had lot of fun training these models and also learned a lot. We learned how to optimize these models so that they can run in inexpensive hardware. How to make these models small enough to run locally without the need to send the video feed to an external device. This greatly increases the privacy. These models are in useful in many situations like productivity measurements, Injury prevention etc., Our goal is to help our customers automate safety and monitoring tasks to safe money and improve productivity. 

Personal Protective Equipment Detection including goggles

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like vest, helmet and goggles are mandatory in certain hazardous work places. We built a vision intelligence based AI model that can monitor PPE compliance by employees. Our team developed this model using the latest advances in training Machine Learning model using Neural Networks. We optimized this model to run in inexpensive embedded systems. We connect a camera to this device and run our model to track the PPE compliance. Thus this camera becomes a smart camera capable of detecting PPE. This device can be installed in entrances to monitor adherence of PPE when employee enter the hazardous areas. We can easily configure this device to send notifications of any violations. Our team designed this device with employee privacy in our minds. The device doesn’t record or transmit video frame. In fact, this device works in stand-alone mode and doesn’t have to be connected to any network.  

Activity Recognition using Conv3D Neural Net

This is a demo of training a Convolutional 3D Neural Network to recognize activities like Smoking, Washing Hands, Talking on the cell phone etc., We used curated YouTube video clips as training data to train this model. The use case for this model could be hand hygiene compliance monitoring in Hospitals and safety and privacy violations monitoring in Industries and work places.

Safety Vest & Helmet Detection

This is a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) trained to detect Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance in an industrial setting. This model is trained using the MobileNet SSD Neural Network. This is part of our work to build smaller, faster Computer Vision models to perform real time pedestrian and object detect in different settings in the Safety, Surveillance and Compliance space in any industry. Our goal is to build these models that are small enough to run on the edge i.e in small devices like a drone.

Industrial Safety PPE Detection


A demo of using our Machine Learning Computer Vision detector to detect PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that include safety vest and helmet in an industrial setting.